Here we go again

There was yet another mass shooting this time in Denver; one of 110 others in America on the very same day. It may not surprise you that the individual was an alt-right radical and had a long history of mysoginist and violent ideas posted on Twitter as well as on some online forums he participated in; another example of how extremists multiply and the act out when there is a malaise present. When there is discontent and instability in a population more of these people will come out of the woodwork and we are seeing it happen in real time.

Social media has created breeding grounds for the discontented where they can stir themselves up and then act on their ideas once they feel that no one is listening to them. It would be fine if this were just an isolated incident, but sadly it is not.


  1. From my side of "the pond" it is inexplicable how the US can tolerate these mass shootings, that they no longer make the news tells of their frequency, that they have become normal ~ this can't be considered normal in any civilised society. No one administration could make the necessary changes in society, even if there were agreement across government, while it reflects the splits in society there seems little hope.

    1. I think that one can become numb to anything after a while but clearly the numbers are worsening


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