If one looks hard enough

I am hoping that my upcoming semi retirement will restore me and provide renewed energy. Life is short and we need to take advantage of the good times when they come upon us.

Having had a sufficiently challenging life and career thus far will hopefully give me the chance to convert the learned experience towards improving my outlook on humanity which I have lost much respect for over the years. Witnessing how the world truly operates can bring on cynicism and my desire now is to focus on the good which can be found everywhere if we look hard enough.

After so many years I can see through things as if they were made of glass which is a double edged razor. Yes, I can get to the root quickly but also see the rot that affects it which can skew me toward the negative if I'm not careful. I don't suffer fools easily but then not everyone is one and I need to be cautious with my assessments. On the whole, much of the way society works disappoints me but I need to look past its faulty structure to see the individuals that constitute it on their own merits.

Just because the world is not fair does not mean I cannot be.


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