Much of what we see around us is steeped in illusion because we don’t get to see what is inside of people; the only thing we know for sure is what is inside ourselves. I posted that amazing video by Contrapoints (yes it was long but worth it) because she deals with what we think we want and envy in others when really, we should be focusing on ourselves and what is attainable. That perfect marriage you think you see isn’t as harmonious as you imagine because being in a couple is often challenging as is having money and stressing about whether you have enough and where you need to park that Jag so it doesn’t get scratched. Looking around us is pointless unless we seek just one thing: genuine and honest people to befriend and to do as much good as we can while we are here.

Most people lead challenging lives and the other day as I drove, I listened to a comedian being interviewed on the CBC who lost his wife to suicide and his father to cancer on the same year he also lost his eyesight. Any one of these occurrences would be enough to send many people into a spiral and yet his message was hopeful and full of philosophical reflection. When people don’t have enough things befall them, they perhaps stagnate themselves into a stupor and don’t appreciate what they have.

In the end, no one gets away free of their own form of suffering, but there is hope in knowing that you are indeed in very good company just because you are human.


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