It was time

If you had told me almost three years ago that a global pandemic would strike thereby changing the nature of work, I would have thought you were pitching a science fiction movie. But here we are and we are not going back to the old ways with the handoff from baby boomers and Gen Xers to millennials officially well under way. This reset was perhaps a marking post that needed to happen to initiate the transformation. There was something wrong with the rat race approach we had fashioned in the early 20th century and a change was required.

How we raise families and where and for whom produce work will forever be altered. We just need to figure out how to make the new model benefit as large a portion of the population as possible and not just the ones who already have means.
If something can be allowed to be destroyed and most people don't seem to mind, then maybe it wasn't meant to survive in the first place.


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