This blog isn’t about lamenting but not because I don’t have my ups and downs like everyone else. It is that I am finding more perspective over time and learning how to channel emotional energy which can often threaten to derail. If we don’t accept by a certain age that life doesn’t come in perfect packages, we have learned very little. However, if we channel our emotional discomfort, we can gain more self-knowledge than ever before.

Our existence is composed of a series of compromises which are almost never in the right harmonious balance and with that understanding comes less encouragement to lament. We can try and adjust the balance point but then one of the components we treasure will become invariably unbalanced. Once a semblance of harmony is reached, we dare not tamper any further lest we feel compelled to begin the exercise again.

This blog for a long time was a one trick pony and I was fatiguing myself at certain junctures which prompted a series of needed breaks. It just took me being honest with myself and doing what was required even if that meant other aspects of my life would require sacrificing. My first blog post was pure lament and over time I have stopped doing it entirely because it took me finally taking control of whatever aspects of my life that I could to be left with as little reason to as possible.


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