Letting go

If there is a key to living life with more balance, it might be to replace desire with openness. After all, what we often desire does not come our away and in the end may not even be what we need. By simply being open to letting life surprise us we can find opportunities or befriend people we had never considered as being compatible to us. I am not a Buddhist, but I do recognize that the things we most desire yet don’t come fruition, are often the most steeped in suffering. Adopting the attitude of what is meant to happen will, may be our best avenue towards finding contentment.

For me this approach does not mean lying down and letting life come to you and we can still strive for goals, but always with a measured realism that considers some things are best left behind us. If we have made every attempt and are overly diverting precious energy and internal peace to reach the unattainable, it might be a sign we need to let it go.


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