It's maddening. I am talking to a colleague; a senior mechanical engineer and type I diabetic telling me about principles and the infringement on his civil liberties. He is 62, unvaccinated, clearly tempting fate and willing to be let go from our firm because he won't sign a disclaimer letter waiving the responsibility of the company for his own decisions. It's positively maddening and I told him so (as diplomatically as I could).

The vast majority of patients in overcrowded ICUs are unvaccinated and we are all paying the price with curfews, closed venues and restaurants and some people want to stand on principle to which I say "Get your vaccination or just be quiet and stay home and relinquish your rights to eat out". There are people who have died of coronaries or from a ruptured appendix who could not be tended to in time thanks to the civil liberty folks on respirators.
When these people aren't being sheeple and following a dipshit moron like Trump, they are standing firm on low information principle they read on Twitter; most of them have no idea what an mRNA vaccine is, they just know that they are being secretly micro-chipped by Bill Gates.

Both my patience and sympathy are running out.


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