Back in January of 2019 there was a milestone reached when I realized that I could live full time should I wish or need to. I had gone to my friend Patricia’s business presentation, and I stood behind her in front of a large audience of professionals with not as much as side glance cast my way. The mingling before and after that event only bolstering that I was blending in without issue and although, I may have been a little nervous, I never let on.

A young woman in her twenties who was part of her business entourage had also fist bumped me the day before and said “girl power” which I could have taken as a joke, but her face said otherwise as we discussed how the presentation would go well. My name tag said Joanna and I spoke to people who didn’t furl any brows proving that my internal work over the years was paying off. It wasn’t about physical presentation at all (not that it ever has as clothing has always been just a vehicle of expression) but much more about the psychological journey. Then to only further promote confidence, Patricia’s then 16-year-old daughter could not believe that I was trans after her mother told her which only added to my belief that I need only be concerned with being myself.

From then on, things have only gotten better and more cohesive.

My understanding of self has improved dramatically over a period of many years and the focus has shifted away from mechanics of being trans to the important things I needed to believe and understand about myself that were always there from the beginning.


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