Studying this topic over the years has left me with some lingering questions regarding the nature of gender dysphoria which will no doubt remain unresolved. One thing I have concluded however, is that we cannot merely use the presence of cross gender expression as a barometer and must include the issue of motivation. To do otherwise would make anyone who indulges in any form of expression automatically trans.

The man who enjoys wearing his wife's nightie to bed for sexual pleasure has no issue with his identity and neither do many other people who go further with their gender fluidity. This is why I have tended to define the trans umbrella to begin at the point where the core gender identity is put into question rather than looking purely at external presentation for guidance.

The problem is that many of us are often confused by our own motivations until the introspection is properly conducted which necessitates first removing the psychological obstacles of guilt and shame. Until that work is complete there will be no way to get to the root of your motivation which will then determine a course of action (should one be required).


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