The new homeowner stared at the custom-made circular skylight and noticed it wasn’t perfectly round. The house was palatial and being featured on an architectural digest program from the UK which happened to be on when I switched on my television. My first thought was that he was being a bit of a twat in his fickleness, but also being obtuse given the fact that most people wouldn’t be able to afford the skylight; never mind the house.

Even if I had the money, I would not be so inclined to opt for this level of ostentatiousness; not when so many in the world don’t know where their next meal is coming from. Later on at the completion of the home, champagne corks were popped and the millennial couple gave me the impression of nice people only possessing a tone deaf demeanor that would perhaps prohibit them seeing that their fastidiousness was misplaced.

I am more than ever amused by how that choice of tile color or type of wallpaper can become overblown perhaps as distraction from the other difficulties of life. These shows are made for a reason of course, and many who watch aspire to be in the shoes of the homeowners while others are simply fascinated by the architectural innovations as ideas for their own projects. Still, I couldn’t help but be left with the feeling that I would feel awkward occupying a residence like this knowing what was going on elsewhere on our planet.


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