Other than harming another person, no physical act has a naturally enshrined stigma associated with it. Its shock value is ordained by society and we learn to identify it as such. They are taboos as simple as talking out of turn or speaking loudly into your phone in a library. They could also be as serious as infringing on gender norms or a same sex coupling.

Most of us learned and digested a standard list not all of which have stood the test of time but are nevertheless often engraved into our minds due to Pavlovian repetitious teaching. We are left with scolding ourselves for things we should not be overly concerned with and overdramatize because of our lived history. Part of our task into adulthood is to strip away unnecessary stigma and put it into its rightful place as having been an anachronism of its day; one which we need to flush from our system. This is an undertaking which is sometimes easier said than done and we will still catch ourselves at times wondering why something which carried stigma still has an impact to this day..


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