The gender variance umbrella

Below you will see a graphic of how I tend to see the umbrella of male to female gender variance. Yes, it is a simplified block diagram but does tend to capture a large segment of the population within it. The focus is not on sexual orientation although some are implied like drag queens. I have added a subset for gender dysphoria spectrum where the identification with the birth sex begins to decrease. I have also added an approximate mapping to the Benjamin scale.

Firstly, I group all non-binary people who may or may not exhibit outward gender variance however they tend not to feel exclusively male or female and prefer to just be themselves outside of the binary. To what extent, will depend on the individual.

The drag queen category speaks for itself and captures performance and non-performance drag. It is a catch all for gay expression into the feminine realm whether exaggerated or not. This group is male-identifying and makes no body alterations of any kind unless they spill into the dysphoria scale.

The cross-gender expression block is to capture archetypal heterosexual male crossdressers who are not dysphoric ie. they don’t identify as women and don’t want to be one but simply enjoy the art of dressing up for varying reasons. There may or may not be sexual overtones to the dressing and some in this group may begin to fall into the dysphoria group and possibly not even realize it.

Then comes the gender dysphoria subset which need not necessarily involve cross gender expression but where there is a strong to intense identification with a female identity. There may not be any part time or full time living as a female but a desire to do so is always present and where at the extreme end medical transition becomes mandatory for optimum mental health and wellness (otherwise known as high intensity transsexualism).

Apologies if it's a bit blurry :)


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