The information age

I used to think that people were far less prone to believe in misinformation than they are. Part of this reasoning I attributed to the dearth of access in the past for the average person, but the opposite has turned out to be true. By providing more availability with the advent of the internet, we opened the door to bad faith actors (or for gullible believers) to sway others off the cliff with them. If you lack critical thinking skills and have a predetermined agenda in mind, you can be persuaded far more easily than ever before in this era of ours.

I find that it is disinterest and apathy which plagues our world, and I can understand now how entire societies can collapse while people just watch helplessly; you just need enough saboteurs to drive the entire herd of cattle to the slaughter. When shows like Jimmy Kimmel make us laugh with questioning the person on the street (often with trick questions or to identify a country on a map) part of me chuckles as well but can’t help but despair just a little more each time I witness it.


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