The lightness of being

For many years I don’t think I had much of a sense of humor about life. Maybe being born trans and needing to deal with that secret from such an early age made my life very heavy and required I keep too much to myself. Today I see it all so differently and wish nothing but the best to those who still feel constrained in any way by the judgement of family, friends or even their spouses. Being trans is not an illness and should never be viewed as such by anyone.

I walk with a much lighter step today but then I am also not to be trifled with because I bite and have a mean streak (developed and honed by years of fatigue with idiots) so bigots are on warning. We have a choice to be happy or see only the darkness of a life that is already rife with challenges. Might as well choose the former.


  1. Well said Joanna!! If anyone doubts that expressing an authentic personality is good for you, then you and I are here to tell them they are wrong! And no, we don't put up with idiots..


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