The man and the dog

Maybe you've all seen it: a man walking with his dog in front of a beautiful landscape each with their own thought bubble above their heads. While the dog's contains a picture of that same landscape, the man's is filled with images of work and family; in other words, with everything but where he is at the moment.

It's a simplification, but that cartoon speaks to me about both living in the present moment and our temptation to overthink. My own propensity for over analysis has probably made me suffer more and yet I am not quite ready to give up any IQ points just yet. I remember working at physical jobs as a student and experiencing being devoid of mental stress. I was also often side by side with salt of the earth types who possessed a simple happiness and exuded warmth. Today I realize that while my way of being helped me make judicious decisions which were carefully pondered over, they left me less connected to the happiness of instinct. Still, I have seen enough people live on nothing but gut feel who seem to endlessly fall into a series of life traps. 
Somewhere there is assuredly a happy medium and, as I wind down an often challenging career, I want to focus more on getting in touch with that instinct often rooted in the spirit of the moment.


  1. Yup, knowing when to trust your instincts and when to just laugh at your gut reaction is really important. I too struggle to live in the moment. I feel a blog post coming on! LOL ... thanks sis!


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