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I'm trying to understand why some so readily identify with the term crossdresser. For me it invokes images of mid twentieth century men meeting in secret clubs while their wives wait patiently at home. In other words it's a bit of an anachronism.

Women who cross the sartorial divide don't call themselves anything in particular and yet men (specifically older ones) prefer being tagged with a noun over something which is more of a verb; one is crossdressing which I would argue is even better expressed as dressing as one wishes.

I know I have given the impression here that I have something against people who identify that way but I truly don't. In my exploration I needed to figure out where this group fits and I have been using the lingo that they themselves do. There isn't just one archetype here and exactly where they fit within the trans umbrella I am still trying to figure out. I might suggest however that they update their lexicon to something just a little more modern such as gender variant perhaps?
I have caught a few younger people identifying as crossdressers but that number is definitely small and dwindling.


  1. When I was younger they had a term called "Transvestite." It was looked at negatively. It was associated with perversion. I hated it. And it might have been one strong reason I repressed my feelings. I just wanted to "fit in."

    When the term "crossdresser" came along it seemed like a "safer" term for people that behaved this way. Because of it, I felt better about myself. But still repressing. Also, the term crossdressing allowed me to "walk away" from it. Disassociate myself from it.

    "Transgender", "Trans" were too heavy for me. That was not me. Or so I thought. Crossdressing was a safe "gateway" term for me...until I eventually looked at myself as "genderfluid" and now most likely "Trans."

    I think younger people today, with the available knowledge-base, can research and question themselves early on and jump from where they currently are, right to transgender. While we have an uphill battle it at least is more mainstream. We know we aren't alone.


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