What's best for us

Why is it so hard to know what is best for us? I think it is because we get caught with unresolved issues which keep us in a state of dependency; on finding tricks we use as a crutch to deal with the pain. For some people it’s food and for some it is unhealthy relationships; whatever works to keep us from facing the core issue we will find a solution if it serves to mask it. Human beings are resourceful and that includes ignoring what they would rather avoid. The problem is that the evasion only keeps whatever is lying under the surface alive and well.

When something isn’t right you know it. It may feel too big to tackle on your own or feel that divulging it to someone else may leave you expose to ridicule or rejection. People want more than anything to be loved and respected for who they are. But that isn’t easy in a world that sometimes thrives on pointing fingers and where others can rejoice in your pain as a way to temporarily and unsuccessfully deal with their own.


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