When one stops fighting

The last thing I want to do here is sell you the idea that my life is perfect because it's not; no one that I know has that luxury. However in comparison to many people in this world I know am very fortunate which is one of the reasons I mention social justice so often.

We all have challenges and even my getting a better grip on being born trans is more related to me accepting the things I cannot change rather rejoicing at something the world is largely repelled by. It's just that it's better to get comfortable in your reality than to rail against it.
Accepting myself fully involved realizing the extent of my dysphoria and by extension dispensing with the idea of a normal relationship because less time awaits me than is already behind and I certainly won't spend my quality years looking for a needle in a haystack. Instead I will rejoice in what life has to offer me within the constraints I have been given (or the cards I have been dealt if you will).
When one stops fighting against one's own nature, it just feels better to bathe in that energy than an alternative I tried for years to no avail.
We must be happy where we are because happiness is a choice we make for ourselves.


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