Working the crowd

We’re fairly complex beings but our motivations are decidedly simple: we want to be loved and appreciated and we want to return that in kind (when we are in good spiritual health). We are also heavily motivated by fear and when we don’t understand something we feel represents a threat, we will lash out. Unfortunately, being human means that others are unlikely to fully understand the subtleties of the signals we put out when we don’t get these things. They will see us through their own prism and read our behavior differently than we would like. The world has always worked like this and always will.

I used to believe in the possibility that human societies could substantially evolve and, while I know that journey exists in individuals, as a collective we are not all that advanced. What has occurred is that the systems which were put in place to subjugate the general population have broken down (the alliance between the church and royalty of western Europe was one such example). As a result of that collapse, transparency has been forced upon cultures by people who could no longer be kept in line, and we are seeing this process happen in real time. As the atomic model of the early 20th century continues to disintegrate, we are witnessing a rejection of traditional roles especially by people previously considered to reside outside the margins; hence, the backlash from the present power structures working against that revolt by, if necessary, the use of misinformation.

Knowing how to work a crowd is not that difficult when you understand the basics of human motivation and you can get far with your messaging provided you wrap it up just right.


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