A global shift

That video I posted yesterday on declining birth rates and marriages in Japan shows us symptoms of our new societies. With more people spending time online and less within traditionally structured social circles plus women having more financial independence, we are seeing a drastic change in how relationships work (or more accurately in how they don't). The age at which young people first experience sex is going up and the frequency of that activity is going down. We are even seeing an increase in alternative choices of relationships such as cyber characters which is admittedly still fringe and yet growing.  The incel population (involuntary celibates) is also growing as more young men abandon the courting process due to an inability to pair up.

As the population ages and there are less young people to take up the slack by feeding into social programs, there will be a shift in how societies must structure themselves. Models like the US which are highly individualistic and encourage the ultra wealthy to hoarde their wealth will unfortunately be among the worst sufferers of this shift.


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