A one way street

I have a long time friend who is very service oriented. Also the eldest of a large family, he was always the one to be relied upon and be the steady one for others only to what extent that worked for him is hard to say. Even after his divorce to an erratic person who I also knew, he managed to end up in another relationship where he was dumped three times and was each time goaded into returning proving to what an elevated degree he can cope with volatility. The lesson was eventually learned upon yet another dumping.

If I've learned anything in this life it's that what we see on the surface when we meet people is only the tip of the iceberg underneath which lie unresolved traumas and complications we discover slowly over time. Our only advantage is that with age our ability to detect something improves even if we are not privy to all of the details. If we ourselves are complicated characters, how can we expect anything different from others.

Of course, being a person open to tolerate and serve is highly admirable and commendable unless it becomes completely a one way street.


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