Breaking free

Being a trans parent, I raised both my children to be tolerant of all differences. Yesterday I took my son and gay nephew out for coffee. They are one year apart ( my son being older) and have always been supportive of each other. When my nephew was self hating (as I once was) and putting down the lifestyle gay and lesbians, my son argued the opposite side and upheld their rights as human beings who want what everyone else does; this without knowing his cousin's inclinations. Hence, my nephew credits my son with being his biggest supporter within the family.

Daniel is having some issues with his parents but nothing that cannot be resolved with some eventual distancing as he finishes his studies. He will need to find his support structure outside of the family as I did which will fortify his sense of self worth. Growing up in a strict Catholic family did not help him and he felt he needed to break away from the doctrinal and systemic bias against anything which did not meet a dogma which excludes him as an aberration to be pitied and prayed for.

Thankfully, knowing how far we have come today, I am confident he will be just fine.


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