At 7 00 this morning I met up with Marcella the philosophy professor who I had first met the Friday before and we spent about a half hour talking over a coffee. The conversation flowed well and we may very well exchange cell phone numbers soon. Later at 11 00 I met Louise for yet another coffee as she is moving away in June and this will end our weekly routine but that is the way life goes. We have decided to keep in touch and I will likely visit her once she settles in to her new place which will be north of Montreal.

It's been good making more women friends even if it is just for the occasional meet up and it keeps my life social while not attaching myself too much to any one person. I seem to have found just the right life balance as a trans person who isn't out to everyone and maybe these women won't ever be told because its not that important or relevant to these casual friendships.

We shall see.


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