Depending on where you are on the spectrum a choice may need to be made. If your dysphoria is perhaps mild enough you won't need to make it, but if it is not it may come down to treating it versus living with the discomfort and opting for as "normal" a life as you can muster. There is no perfect scenario however, and even androphilic transsexual women have difficulty navigating life. For example, sometimes their partners don't know their past and they must live with the stress of concealment.

Since I began to treat my dysphoria with all the seriousness it deserves, my level of stress has declined and I am happier however that has meant giving up on companionship or at least letting it fall by the wayside and not focus on it as a goal. Again, a choice must sometimes be made because both options are often almost mutually exclusive. It seems that those who identify as crossdressers can often make a better go of it and for that I am glad.

But if I've learned anything in my almost 60 years is that we must strive to be ourselves above all and then let the rest fall into place as a consequence.


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