Cookie cutter

Neuroplastcity is what allows us to adapt and grow as human beings provided we work on questioning our biases and preconceived notions about ourselves and others. Therefore to stop reflecting is to stop growing. Without this constant introspection I wouldn't be where I am today which necessitated I also abandon advice other than accepting the moral support that all of us require.

Conventional wisdom should not be blindly trusted in affairs which are this delicate and nuanced and, in my view, should be replaced with a purely internal dialogue which respects our uniqueness and personality. Even well meaning trans people who have transitioned can sell you a formula which may not work for you even as it might have spectacularly well for them.

I am better versed in this subject than the general public as well as most trans people, which if anything has only bolstered my cynicism towards any type of cookie cutter formulas.

Trust only yourself.


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