Mind your own business

I don't have a problem with conservatives thinking what they want but I do have a problem with them telling other people what they should or should not do while judging them for it. Right now in America there is a concerted effort to bring the country back to the dark ages by instilling draconian policies to control what people can do with their own lives.

So again, while I don't root for abortions to be performed I won't stop someone from having access to one knowing what the alternative is. For in a country that extols freedom of personal choice, once these babies are born, Republicans will do absolutely nothing to help these mothers (some of whom will be young, poor and minorities) which is of course the height of hypocrisy. The war on trans kids is also based on backward ideas which aren't grounded in science but instead fear mongering which treats them like a plague which might spread if not completely stamped out.

So conservatives, think what you like only mind your own $%#@ business.


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