Minority rule

Lest anyone think that the US has moved too far left (as Elon Musk tweeted recently), I present you with the potential overturning of Roe versus Wade. In 1973, 5 republican appointed justices voted for it and now 5 republican appointed justices voted to repeal it which is a clear sign how far right the country has moved since that time. When traditionally Catholic nations like Ireland and Mexico had to legalize abortion due to the self harm some women were inflicting on themselves, you know what a backwards move this is now in the year 2022. Hence America has taken yet another step towards its own undoing by fulfilling the wishes of a segment of the GOP that they actively courted with the southern strategy. That along with the electoral college is proving to be detrimental to the wishes of a majority which is far less conservative.

Let me state that for the record, I am not personally a cheerleader for abortions, but would not deny someone else the right to one provided there are late term limitations as there always are. You don't legislate morality as the line between church and state is in dangerous waters here.

I have been watching the country to the south of me unravel for some decades now, and as the flirting with autocracy becomes an open courting, one wonders how much better things could have been for them without minority rule so drastically and firmly in place.


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