On repeat

Yet another mass shooting this time in an elementary school. No, things won't change culturally now as guns are far too entrenched into the American DNA hence trying to somehow control the flow of weapons from getting into the most dangerous and volatile of hands can only help.

Greg Abbott who is an unmitigated disaster as governor, proudly hails Texas as the most open of the open carrying states. Yes, elsewhere in the world people also have mental disorders only that weapons are not as readily available or part of the culture to the extent they are in America. The first instinct of that troubled youth in Finland or Australia or even my country, isn't to reach for a weapon that will blow holes into people. Republicans will tell you that these shootings justify even more weapons and extol arming the teachers which is of course sheer lunacy. Why not fight an AR-15 with a yet more powerful bazooka they will tell you.

There will be more prayers, vigils and platitudes and nothing will get resolved. The country will simply wait for the next one and simply repeat the same old tired cycle.


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