The trivial has never interested me and I get easily bored if people talk about things which don't pique my attention. Instead I feign attentiveness or better yet find a way to escape yet sometimes I think it might have made my life easier to regale in the mundane and find comfort within it.

My father, who wouldn't notice when he had lost people, had a gleeful penchant for discussing philosophy, mathematics or history and one of us would have to prod him into the realization his victim (eyes glazing over) was looking for an escape. Hence I have endeavored to walk that line between a mother who was better equipped to read people and a father who was not able to at all.

Where I have improved much over the years is with people who share a lot of themselves and openly carry their humanity on their sleeve in a way that suddenly makes them fascinating. They are most often not interested in possessions but more in enriching their lives by learning from others and when that happens suddenly they have my interest never mind their knowledge base.


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