Replacement theory

So many topics interest me and they are beginning to make their way into this blog. Once you sort out your dysphoria in an imperfect and yet deeply satisfying way, you no longer need to exclusively discuss trans issues. Hence I have now moved my militancy and outrage towards all forms of injustice.

The world is a deeply ignorant place occasionally populated by caring and thoughtful individuals who make up a minority. In the middle there is an intellectually disinterested demographic who can be reached and educated. However, on the fringes there are unfortunately those who will maim and destroy in hopes of dealing with their own problems.

That young man in Buffalo was helped in his radicalism by a twisted and deplorable malcontent like Tucker Carlson and Faux News which gleefully trumpets "replacement theory" narratives to people who don't go beyond the tip of their nose to test whether what they are hearing has any veracity. In this case it was a youth not yet equipped with the analytical skills and likely troubled enough at home to bring his anger towards a violent end.

21st century or not, ignorance isn't going anywhere anytime soon nor for that matter is malevolence.


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