On a YouTube site that caters to the self-described crossdressing community the question was asked as to whether they preferred to use the term transvestite or crossdresser with two of the numerous replies being as follows:

1) “In general I identify as a crossdresser, however I use transvestite in my descriptions as I know the term is still used by some. it is outdated I agree on that, however i still use it from time to time. I never refer to myself as transgender because I am not trans and will not disrespect trans people”

2) “Of course, it depends on the person and their preferences. Transvestite is such an outdated term, slightly degrading. Crossdresser is the way to go if they are not transgender”

These replies highlight once again the reality that many in the crossdressing community do not themselves identify as trans which I also noted when I put-a poll on my site. Yes, there can indeed be a blurring and many older people who may have identified as crossdressers did so to avoid acknowledging there might have been something deeper (a tactic I unsuccessfully employed for a time). Conversely, some people who simply enjoy crossdressing which they may have begun in their teens or into adulthood need not read anything more into it than what it is.

Anyway, I found this interesting but not at all surprising.


  1. I know what you mean - I used to use both terms (was unaware of the pedigree, I just liked the use of Latin) of myself so that I could just avoid looking any more closely. Then I used them as a deliberate baffle to stop myself even thinking about it too much. Then, when it was suggested it might be... a bad thing, I wrestled with that instead.

    I am pleased that things appear... more settled and less fraught in the use of the terms now.

    1. Also note Joanna that I am making a distinction between something identity based versus a practice. This is where the waters can get muddy for some which is why much introspection is required. For some of these people it is simply something they enjoy without further connotations:)


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