The package

 I am fascinated with those dressing services that allow people to vacation in femininity. Males who want try what it feels like to don a wardrobe that most women almost never wear, will be photographed for a fee and be treated to an evening outing. Perhaps this will happen once or twice a year and the experience can linger in the memory until next time.The degree to which these experiences are useful depends on whether there is dysphoria present versus simply curiosity. In the former case it can sometimes serve as painful reminder that this is hardly enough and only make the wait more harrowing until the next opportunity presents itself.

If you are trans it is like unwrapping a package the contents of which are still a mystery to us. If we are young enough and can permit that process to be sped up and we can come to some resolution. However if the package is opened excruciatingly slowly, it can prolong discomfort to a point of almost unbearable agony.


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