They simply are

In the grand scheme of things gender variance of any sort is extremely unimportant but for some you would think it was the end of civilization. When your dogma is tied to a rigid and straight gender binary, any deviation cannot be allowed to stand or at least it must be pointed out as freakish aberration not to be imitated.

Social conservatism fears spreading of behavior through imitation because they don't believe that it is identity based. Instead they believe that LGBTQ people can be indoctrinated through propaganda. This explains their methods of introducing bills like "don't say gay" which pin hopes on reducing the numbers of the LBGTQ community via reducing exposure. Yes, it is barbaric and stupid but nonetheless their belief.

But as this latest trans youth study points out, trans identifying kids don't change their mind to the tune of 95% which only reinforces our understanding of the science. People don't choose to be who they are.

They simply are.


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