I feel exhausted and this business now irks me like never before. When this happens it is clearly time to make an exit and focus on things which interest me much more. I grew up with bosses who lived for their careers and upon leaving them were lost; their identity having been so strongly tethered to their status within that company structure. I on the other hand have always had detachment from my job while still being good at it. It provided enough income to sustain but did nothing to uplift the soul or feed my intellectual curiosity.

Today the corporate messaging being so derivative makes me pine for when there was no trying to disguise the challenges with platitudes which do nothing to improve things. The malaise of the moment is that there wasn't enough preparing for the next wave of work and the middle managers will soon be shouldering more weight than they are ready for with clients who are less educated than ever before. All this because cost cutting took precedent over the next generation.

My timing could not have been better.


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