To be cautious

Being timid and taking things too personally were my two primary afflictions growing up and when you have fashioned a carapace all your life, any intrusion into it can be taken as an affront. You wind up with skin so thin and so raw that everything makes you uncomfortable especially if you are in any way in the spotlight. It must be worked through if you are to survive in this life otherwise be prepared to be eaten alive by society.

With age potentially comes the opposite problem of wanting to put everyone in their place. You have been overly exposed to people you want to get back at and identify the archetypes of your torment which then become the focus of your ire. That also must be worked through unless you plan to lead the rest of your life in indignant outrage for which there is ample opportunity. The caution here to remember that your suffering was as an inexperienced youth and not as a well armed adult with an intellect.


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