Imagine for a moment being a disgruntled curmudgeon like Matt Walsh or Ben Shapiro perennially on the lookout for some cultural outrage to latch onto. I'm sure it can't be fun when you are sticking your nose into something that isn't really your business and isn't really harming you personally. Still, these conservatives just can't help themselves because it's their duty to save society from itself.

These people have always been with us and they will continue to. They warned us about women being too uppity in wanting to vote and about black people knowing their place and not being allowed to ride in the front of the bus like everyone else. Then they warned us about homosexuality spreading like wildfire once kids learned about it and now it's about the spreading of the dreaded "transgender agenda". It must be hard for them to recognize themselves in history; how it repeats itself and how they invariably get left behind as dinosaurs although they probably don't feel like they are.

In the end society goes where it needs to and slowly adapts to the reality that structural change is sometimes required and that people cannot be stopped from being themselves particularly when doing so doesn't harm anyone else.

Just don't tell these cultural warriors that because they simply won't understand you since apparently it's their job to save us all.


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