Wishing them the best

I don't like to argue with other trans people but sometimes I see symptoms that remind me of the old me: a religious person with a higher level of dysphoria who struggles to explain themselves within a religious doctrine that treats them at best as creatures to be pitied. When I read her mention of Blanchard my ears perked up because I knew that subscribing to that thinking sometimes helped with the guilt. If you fall for a formula whereby you have a sexual dysfunction that you can't help, it at least gives you something to cling to no matter how weak the premise. It's the "trans as illness" model where adding being in a couple to the mix only complicates things even further.

I did not wrestle much with her but offered sufficient commentary on the gaping holes in AGP hoping she will work her way through the flimsiness there as I once had to. For in the end it's a highly personal journey.

I simply wished her all the best.


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