Yet again

Bill Maher and his supreme ignorance was on display once again last night but I won't grace his video by posting it here. Suffice it to say that his grasp of LGBTQ issues is just about nil and he employs the old conservative tactic of "everyone is going to catch it" on his equally ill informed and cackling audience.

I saw this coming quite some time back but in the age of Trumpism it's full gloves off. If you listen to Maher the pandemic of LGBTQ people is apparently at our doorstep and apparently it never occurs to some people that the enforced binary and sexual rules of the past didn't work for everyone. Nevertheless, we are still talking about small percentages of the population but don't tell an increasingly flustered curmudgeon like Maher that. Are some people out than ever and are some experimenting with their sexuality and identity who aren't LGBTQ? Of course and many will end up leaving it at that. It's just that they are no longer keeping it a secret.



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