A dangerous mix

Human stupidity isn't at all perplexing however it is fatiguing. It runs on a fundamental fuel of ignorance mixed with arrogance with often the more vocal the person is, the less informed they are. Cue the fringe right wing attacks on anything they don't comprehend (or don't want to) and their easy prey of people on the margins who they secretly despise. Trump, who wouldn't sit down at a meal with any of his rally attendees, personifies that mixture of arrogant and stupid. But somehow the false bravado works because the audience for his histrionics is encouraged to hate the very same things he does and if you distract the masses you can make them do anything; something we knew even before Orwell.

America is on the verge of collapse within maybe 2 decades unless grass roots interference stops it. The people will need to undo the oligarchical system that favors the corrupt and the powerful and take money out of the equation. This means no more special interest envelopes so greasy types like Joe Manchin and Lindsey Graham go back to their swamps.

Failing to do otherwise could mean preparing the way for theocracy which is fueled by big money which is just what Jesus would have wanted it right?


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