A means to an end

I will admit that I used to be a little stumped as to why evangelicals were willing to support a deplorable dirt bag like Trump until one thinks about the ultimate goal. You see, Trump became a vehicle to get policies passed and his character (or lack thereof) became inconsequential. Of course in order to defend their support publicly, they had to do cartwheels on live television and it was perhaps less convincing when it was someone who at least had an education than a tin foil hat wearing MAGA rally attendee who swallowed everything whole.

True followers of traditional faiths praise humility and kindness for their fellow human beings but this twisting of religious ideas mixed right wing intolerance with poisonous public policies all made to fit a narrative. Hence an idiot like Trump became a means to an end because for them the alternative was far worse. 

To be clear Biden represents to most established democracies a milquetoast centrist (a church attending Catholic no less) and yet for some in the US he is somehow Hugo Chavez which gives an indication of how far right the country has swung. But that mixing of patriotic fervor, theocratic fanaticism and individual rights on steroids have helped create an untenable cocktail that won't be easily repaired; not when you have your own echo chamber helping you along.

Had he been able to pass Build Back Better many red states (along with all the others) would have benefitted spectacularly and the polling shows just how popular those concepts are because they help ordinary Americans who are most in need. Never mind that they represent a fraction of yearly military spending.

Oh look it's a wedge issue! Go get it boy!


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