and everything else should follow

I was never one to take advice from other trans people. It wasn’t that their words rang hollow only that I needed to see and live things for myself. Now I can view the videos and read the words and they resonate because I viscerally understand them.

I still hold the viewpoint that cheerleading for being trans is not such a great thing for it is more a fact of life that one must get used to like the color of one’s eyes or hair. For better or worse it is a fact of life that fighting against only brings you more misery. In fact, fighting just brought me frustration because in the end I couldn’t be like everyone else. I could only be myself which many people in this world are deeply afraid to do. When choice is removed from you there are only two options: accept or rail against reality and as hard as the former is, it is the better of the two options.

Your biggest task then isn’t really to find acceptance from the outside world but to work hard on yourself such that it doesn't matter. Everything else should follow.


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