And justice for all

I began writing in early July of 2012 and things were far more confusing for me than today as I sought guidance but didn't know exactly from where. Being trans could no longer be ignored and it had bubbled to the surface begging to be seriously addressed.

Meeting other gender variant people (some of whom seemed content to call themselves crossdressers) made me realize I was further along on the spectrum which perturbed me for there was no obvious way to reconcile the way I thought I should live and what was needed. The next years were taken up fine tuning a strategy that wasn't obvious but coalesced over time into an organic progression. For people like me must spend more time because our precarious perch on the dysphoria scale demands it. It won't surprise you that I am still tweaking the formula to this day only with far less angst and it is just about living now.

Trans issues become less compelling when you are more comprehensive of your own situation and what is then left is simply concern for justice and equality for all which is no small task indeed.


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