At least they're consistent

In a 6 to 3 ruling the Supreme Court once again showed their leanings by upholding the 1st amendment rights of a football coach on the basis of exercising his right to private prayer.  The problem is that this coach would do it on the 50 yard line after the game and invite his players to do likewise. The school had asked him to stop specifically because it wasn't private and found it to be potentially coercive and have others feel compelled to join him in such a public space in front of fans.

The 6 to 3 court ruling sided with the coach but dissenting judge Sotomayor rightly pointed out that her colleagues conveniently left out the circumstances in their ruling. They simply pointed to the fact that this man wanted to  engage in private prayer which was of course false. That some of his players are Jewish or non religious need not matter. The school didn't mind the coach praying only they asked him to perhaps consider everyone else as well and pray in the locker room instead of so demonstrably in front of a crowd. You might be forgiven for being tempted to think this was a stunt meant to prove a point and then go to court which is exactly what happened.

I'm all for the rights of people to pray but it looks like with this court the separation of church and state just took a little hit with I am sure more to come.


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