I think there's a lot to be said for the idea that our ability to draw a fuller experience from life is related to intelligence which is not necessarily the academic kind. Imagine if we were simply sentient and lived primarily on instinct. Yes we would suffer less but the payoffs would be as well. In other words, the wider the bandwidth the more possibility to experience both extremes and draw lessons from both. So perhaps the life of a cat isn't what we are after (with no offense to the cat)

Yet given that we have bandwidth, the key to life seems to be to avoid either extreme for riding a roller coaster can't be good for the blood pressure. Hence the higher we go up the further we have to fall when the next calamity strikes. That greater bandwidth also allows behavior which is far more aberrant and toxic than the aforementioned cat could conceive of.

I endeavor to achieve a better balance each day with the help of past experience which helps me see the landscape more clearly as I advance.


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