Checks and balances

How a malevolent buffoon like Trump got elected is less surprising than the enabling that went on for years after. Many Republicans were willing to ride that gravy train and even as they knew he was unhinged, they banked on being able to get what they needed while this clown entertained his audience.

Of course it backfired in spectacular fashion not only for the Supreme Court picks but because it almost cost the country its democracy. That it got to the point where a weaponized crowd would have hanged the vice president will be a stain on a political structure that failed to meet the moment. Sure the unthinking masses can easily be duped but when the checks and balances aren't sufficient to stop such madness you need to ask yourself whether wholesale change isn't required. Clearly there are members of congress, the senate, the right wing media and the administration itself who rode on the coattails of this dangerous plate throwing idiot and didn't seem to care about anything except their own interests and agendas.

Right after his election I was gobsmacked and expected chicanery and lunacy but also expected there would be more adults in the room than sycophants.


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