Circle the wagons

The right loves to attack identity politics when it is marginalized groups making claims of injustice but then turns around and embraces it to bolster their beliefs when it comes to things like defending religious principles and 2nd amendment rights. There they form a blockade and work in unison to defend unalianable rights which are very much identity based as they form part of the narrative of the increasingly shrinking white population being overrun by immigrants. Suddenly it's time to circle the wagons and protect against the invading hoards.

Of course the hypocrisy is startling but right wing pundits whose main acolytes are not academics or other socially concerned individuals but instead greedy venture capitalists or deluded members of their base duped to vote against their own interests, work together united through their common hate of an enemy like the LGBTQ community or some other easy prey.

Suddenly marginalization tactics become justified through the claim of defending the rights of original colonists who were of course white and Christian; the very same people who are captive audience of FOX propaganda; an increasingly geriatric demographic which is why the Daily Wire, Turning Point USA and other Koch funded groups have been set up to assault the youth core of America on college campuses. Never mind also that America was not actually founded on religious principles but these people count on lack of education of the populace and being able to sell a kind of twisted autocratic theocracy as panacea for what ails the country.

The problem for the right is that the right left political divide discussion is falling victim to the importance of wealth versus poverty reality which is clearly a losing battle for them. It is why they are ramping up the fight these days to find just the appropriate bogeyman to distract from it.


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