Drowning in the bathtub

When you have a country where the minority decides political outcomes you have a recipe for disaster. This latest Roe V Wade fiasco is the direct result of that where red states with small populations are able through the electoral college to dictate to the majority of the country. That these smaller states tend to be poorer and less educated is helping even less and they are holding back the progress of the rest of the US. That combined with a need to get 60 votes in the Senate, means your hands are tied and you are held hostage by the likes of Mitch McConnell.

This decision by a fringe right wing Supreme Court won't sit well with the majority that supports a woman's right to choose even if they themselves don't agree with that decision. The country now takes yet another step backwards into a less enlightened place where fanatical forces can increasingly get a firm grip on the nation.

This is arguably the worst period of American history in my lifetime and speaks to a steady decline that I trace back to 1980 when a mediocre actor became president and began the process of drowning government in the bathtub. Now, religious fundamentalist judges most of whom believe this is the End Times (and will thus act with total impunity) have taken control of a court that will target other rights make no mistske.

Boy that Trump election turned out to be a winner didn't it?


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