Even today

More than half of trans teens have seriously contemplated suicide according to a new study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal which surprises no one who is trans themselves. The study found that transgender youth were five times more likely to have thought about suicide and 7.6 times more likely to have attempted suicide compared with youth who are cisgender.

To this day I sometimes wonder how I made it and I credit an obstinate attitude of denial and a very stable home life with helping me get through it all. If we suffered in silence some of these teens suffer the slings and arrows of society much earlier when they come out. I did it at 45 years of age but I know these kids do not wait nearly that long because it’s a different world today. When they hear a story like mine they are amazed I could keep it under wraps for that length of time when my first inkling that I was different was around 4 years of age.

Being trans is not remotely a picnic and even today one trades one set of problems for another. My generation's denials or perhaps stealth transitions spoke of a desperation borne out of a fear of discovery and still today many people don’t comprehend the basic difference between a drag queen and a trans person.


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