How I learned from two people

Many years ago I used to have an online friend who called himself Fiona. He was from the UK and liked to dress up and indulge in the occasional photoshoot dressed as a woman. He admitted he would go through these periods mostly when he didn't have a girlfriend but when he was with someone would not engage in the activity at all. Looking back now he was someone more on the expression end than the identity one. In retrospect, being friends with him was helpful because we learn sometimes about ourselves through contrast. He didn't identify in any way as a female but simply needed to express a side of himself and even then not very frequently. 

It was during the same period that I also met Sherry who was, in my mind anyway, almost diametrically the opposite. She was a petite Asian who was clearly transsexual and was then just on the cusp of having surgery. I have long ago lost touch with Fiona but still chat on occasion with Sherry who is living her best life.

Today many in the world might be tempted to call both Fiona and Sherry trans which would mean dealing with a very broad umbrella indeed.

Knowing both of them even a little helped me formulate my ideas on sex and gender; that and all my reading. What was then left for me to do was to work on myself and begin the long and arduous task of learning who I was.

Still workin' on it.


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