Institutional reform

The nature of dating has drastically changed and now some women are bemoaning the fact that men aren't asking them out. The MGTOW movement has certainly made great strides in recent years and as more men check out from playing the game, the number of participants decreases. Small wonder then that birth rates are down and more people are living alone than ever before.

Swiping left or right and ghosting have become part of the new idiom as we try and figure our what the social dynamics will be as we move further into the 21st century. Certainly much will change because not only have women gained in economic strength but so have non-white populations which are increasingly making their presence known in society. As the nature of work also morphs into a new system we will see the family unit adapts to it all and whether the institution of marriage (at least as we have traditionally known it) even survives at all.


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